To Bodies Corporate Chairmen and Secretaries on the Gold Coast

The Unit Owners Association of Queensland Inc. (UOAQ) is the only organisation in the state that represents the interests of unit owners to government, councils and other stakeholder groups.

It is fortuitous with both council and state government elections imminent, it is timely that a debate be mounted to consider the sustainability of unit living.

It was recently announced that there are now more people in Australia living in units than free standing houses, and there is great concern that the costs of unit living have escalated substantially beyond other lifestyles. Unfair council differential rating and refuse levies, together with body corporate charges, reduction of the Land Tax threshold, and diminished returns to investor owners, have all combined to cause unit owners to say “enough is enough”

Differential rating and refuse levies are at the top of the UOAQ agenda. The attached document titled “VIEW TAX” clearly sets out the argument, and we seek to obtain your support to distribute this information to your owners.

In October the UOAQ will commence a campaign contacting all GCCC councilors, all state politicians located on the Gold Coast, and the Gold Coast media, enlisting support.

We ask all councilors to support the removal of the “VIEW TAX” and a review of the Refuse Levy to ratepayers in Community Titled Schemes to reflect the actual cost of refuse collection.  Competitive quotes provided in the past have determined that refuse collection can be provided at a cost of half the collective council Refuse Levies of a collective body corporate.

There is much to be gained by unit owners mounting this campaign. Removal of the “VIEW TAX” will deliver considerable savings to unit owners living above the 4th level, and those saving will increase as UCV’s return to normal.  The Refuse levy is currently $211 annually to all ratepayers, and the economy of scale in bodies corporate suggests that cost can be halved.

A successful campaign will involve advertising to the community in general.  Posters, press ads, radio commercials can be effectively used to raise the profile of the issues and to inform the community of which councilors are not supporting the campaign and therefore should NOT get their vote.

By joining the UOAQ either as a Body Corporate Member (with fees of minimum $500 per building or $10 per lot per annum), or individually at $50 (including $10 discount prior to December 31) will provide the necessary funding specifically dedicated to this campaign. The Gold Coast is considered the highest density community in Australia and a huge proportion of the Gold Coast community is impacted by the Refuse Levy and the “VIEW TAX”. The UOAQ can provide leadership, but the campaign will not achieve the entitled success without full support of dedicated unit owner followers.

We urge all committee members, but particularly the Chairman or Secretary to rally owners to support this campaign. Please post the enclosed leaflet on your building notice board.

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