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UOAQ Submission on Issues Paper (Procedural Issues) released in December 2015


The deadline for sumbission on the recent Issues Paper - Procedural Issues under BCCM Act 1997 released in December 2015 ended yesterday, February 22. Unit Owners Association of Queensland Inc. submitted to QUT panel in total three documents as follows:


  • General submission, commenting on certain issues which UOAQ felt were important to bring to the attention of the QUT panel on behalf of our members, and


  • responding to invitation of the QUT panel to include in the submission other topics, not specifically mentioned in the published Issues Paper, the UOAQ brought to their attention the document Rorting Queensland Unit Owners.


    The UOAQ believes that addressing issues highlighted in the document would bring instrumental contribution in improving body corporate governance under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.

Thank you to all members and other unit owners who has submitted their own documents to QUT panel and / or shared it with us.