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To many people, their unit is their largest single investment. UOAQ membership helps build an awarenesss of the issues that impact on that investment. The UOAQ resources (Executive Committee, Help Desk and Website) assist members in gaining knowledge that empowers them to better deal with these matters. Knowledge is power.


Why Become A Member?

Being a non-profit volunteer community organisation, Unit Owners Association of Queensland is dedicated to improving the rights and lifestyles of people who live in units and townhouses. Our aim is to be an effective network spreading useful information amongst unit owners.

There is an enthusiastic and effective team of like-minded people serving as both Committee Members and volunteers. This has resulted in valuable policies being developed and strong support being given to members.  Please click here for the most recent submissions and/or communication with various government bodies.

‘Unit News’ and ‘Unit News Online’ are our newsletters. These publications aim to keep members abreast of developments in community title living. ‘Unit News’ is a printed magazine which is distributed to all our members. ‘Unit News Online’ is a monthly electronic newsletter delivered directly to your email address. We are also working very hard to keep our website www.uoag.org.au updated with information about all of our activities.

UOAQ is the single organisation in Queensland representing both investment and residential unit owners only. As a recognized stakeholder, the Association meets with Government bodies in order to effect positive change within the industry. It is also worth noting that UOAQ is the only not-for-profit organisation in the entire stakeholder group. Thus the input provided is unbiased by any vested interests and is provided to promote the quality of, and, reduce the cost of, unit living for all Queensland unit owners.

There are two membership categories responding to the different needs of our members.

Individual membership is designed for the needs of individual unit owners, and helps the individual to better orient themselves with legislation. It also keeps them informed about current strata topics and provides guidance with issues an individual owner- occupier or investor may have vis-a-vis other entities in bodies corporate - be it the caretaker, other owners, body corporate managers, or their own body corporate committee.

Please see more on individual membership here.


Building membership addresses issues at the level of body corporate committees and bodies corporate, which are usually more complex. There is a minimum one year membership term.  It was designed to meet the growing needs of buildings for comprehensive approach and mentoring in strata issues.  Accordingly, it is not exclusive to particular size of the complex; it caters for the needs of any sized building.  

Please see more on building membership here.


Why Support our Association?

Unit Owners Association of Queensland has been representing unit owners in Queensland for almost 40 years. We have seen many changes, including considerable growth in strata numbers. As of September 2015 there were 422,852 individual lots contained in 44,734 schemes across the state.  With the growth in the strata industry, UOAQ is also experiencing the growth in the number of our financial members - our membership base has been steadily increasing for the last five years in both individual and building members. As of the end of June 2016 our membership increased to 3,560 financial members in total.  We are very proud of the steady increase which shows unit owners' apreciation of the hard work of our Executive Committee member and volunteers.

Although UOAQ membership may appear to be a small percentage of overall unit ownership in Queensland, each and every member of our Association is a unit holder who supports UOAQ from the perspective of a unit owner and for the benefit of unit owners.  After all, our membership base - and of course, all unit owners - are the only ones who underwrite the whole strata industry - by buying and owning the property and by paying body corporate fees and levies. This in turn, creates a business base for caretakers, body corporate managers, insurers, numerous traders, maintenance professions, and holiday letting agents.

Members regularly contact the office and committee members seeking advice and assistance relating to body corporate administration, functions of strata title manager, committees, onsite building managers and other legislative requirements.

Thus the Association has the opportunity to refer members to preferred contractors for specialist businesses, and approved providers of services within strata industry who not only support our Association but, more importantly, conduct their business with the interests of unit owners in mind . Accordingly, the various industry participants can be given opportunities to establish trusted business relationships with UOAQ members. They can also receive valuable exposure to unit owners through our website, Unit News and Unit News online to assist in building their own businesses.

Please contact Jana Koutova, Executive Officer at (07) 3220 0959, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the opportunities for cooperation in detail.



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Office hours:

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Download Our Application Forms


You can simply download, fill in and email the application form to help@uoaq.org.au, or print it out and send it to our postal address, GPO Box 2359, BRISBANE OLD 4001.


Individual Membership
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Building Membership
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Click here for detailed instructions on how to download and fill in the forms.