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Queenslanders call for full quits on smoking

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The survey found 84 per cent of Queenslanders want bans on smoking within 10 metres of children, 66 per cent want smoking fully banned in pubs and clubs, 70 per cent support smoking bans in apartment buildings, and 85 per cent want the legal age for selling tobacco to be over 18 years.

The survey clearly shows Queenslanders support ongoing action towards a smoke free future.

Queenslanders are more aware than ever before that smoking kills.

We commend the Queensland Government for its world leadership on tobacco, and equally recognise that we have more work to do – together.

About 200,000 Queensland kids currently live in a household with a smoker – we must act to protect them – and nearly all Queenslanders agree with us.

The time is now to start talking about a generational phase-out of smoking, our game-changing legacy for future generations.


This survey shows, unequivocally, that a majority of Queenslanders support a generational phase-out – making it illegal to sell tobacco to anyone born after 2001, and for anyone born after 2001 to smoke.

We have asked the Government to consult with the community on our proposal for a generational phase-out and would welcome your support.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

With thanks and best wishes, 

Professor Jeff Dunn AO
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer Council Queensland


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